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1.20 - Risk and Reward

The following day was Aoife's birthday. While everyone prepared, Dagon pulled Aoife aside. "Hey, I know this is supposed to be your big day. But I was hoping to call Percy out of work to come celebrate, and, well, to get married. I figured we could kill two birds with one stone while the whole gang is here."
"Are you kidding me?! Of course I don't mind! I just wish Kari could be here too. Once the celebrations are over with here, I plan on moving right to her house so we can finally start our life together," Aoife exclaimed animatedly.

Dagon pulled her in for a hug. He felt really emotional about moving out and starting his new life. He'd really miss everyone, but he knew his place was beside Percy.

Evandrus walked by his brother and cousin, trying to ignore their conversation. He couldn't help but roll his eyes. Their romantic feelings seemed so petty to Evandrus. He was worried about things of a grander nature - like the war in the Fae Realm. There had to be some way to help his father and the twins' father win the war. Even if he never set foot in the Realm, it was clearly run by tyrants. And that was never a positive thing.
Dagon picked up the cell phone and called Percy. "Hey, hon. Tell your boss there's been an emergency and you need to come home."

"Has there been an emergency?" Percy asked, slight panic tinging his voice.

Dagon chuckled. "Course not. But it's Aoife's birthday. And I have a surprise for you."

Percy groaned, relieved. "Okay, okay. I'll see what I can do."
Luckily, Percy made it in time for cake. Aoife stepped up, ready to embark on a new stage in her life. She closed her eyes, absorbed the lilting echoes of the Happy Birthday song, and made a wish.
She cut the first piece of cake while everyone cheered. As she walked over to the kitchen table, Aoife started to feel strange. Her skin tingled and prickled. Realization set it. It was a full moon,
Despite having witnessed the transportation before, Illdrid still cowered in fear. It might only take one, small instance for Aoife to snap and lose control. What if it happened today? Illdrid took a few deep breaths to get her emotions in check. This was Aoife. Of course she wasn't about to lose control.

After scarfing down her cake, Aoife retreated to her room. She knew she made her family uncomfortable in her wolf form. They'd never tell her so, but she could see the fear etched on their faces. Besides, it was the first day of her adult life. It was time to pack and move to Kari's.
Dagon, as usual, refrained from the cake. Instead, he approached Percy with a sly smile. The full moon cast an eerie glow in the room. But Dagon didn't care. Tonight, he was going to marry the man of his dreams.

"Percy," Dagon began. "I didn't just ask you here for Aoife's birthday. I was also hoping we could, maybe, exchange our vows? I know it's not anything fancy, but I just can't wait to be your husband."

Percy grinned and took Dagon's hand. "I, Percival Blessington, take you, Dagon Maesson to be my lawfully wedded husband. In sickness and health and all of those other things. Can we get to the kissing part now?"

Dagon did his best not to burst into laughter. "I, Dagon Maesson, take you, Percival Blessingon, to be my lawfully wedded husband and all those things you said. Now, let's kiss!"
As Dagon slowly pulled back from Percy's embrace, Percy grasped his hand. "I have some news. I hope you don't freak out. I kind of adopted a little girl. I know this is really sudden and obviously something we should have discussed first, but she really needed a home."

Dagon was taken aback. He didn't really know how to feel about this. He thought he'd have time to settle in as Percy's husband before he even thought about kids. But he grew up in a huge family and had always wanted a family of his own. Starting so early was unexpected, but he certainly wasn't about to turn away a little girl who needed a family. Dagon pulled Percy into a hug. "That's definitely a surprise, but I think it's great news! I can't wait to be your baby daddy!"

Percy laughed, relieved that Dagon had taken the news so well. After another hour spent with the Maesson family, Dagon packed his things up and started on his new life with Percy.

The next day during homework time, Elisedd turned to his aunt Illdrid with a serious concern on his mind. "Will we fall in love, too, when we become adults? Like Percy and Aoife?"

Illdrid smiled at him, "If that's what you want, sweetheart. But it's certainly not required.

Elisedd shuddered. "Good. I think it would just interfere with my goals to become a world famous chess player."

Diarmuid rolled his eyes. "Really, El? There's no such thing as a famous chess player."
Evandrus listened to his cousins' bickering. He agreed with little Elisedd. Love was not a priority. Maybe he had been training the wrong twin to join the Fae Uprising. Deep in thought, Evandrus didn't even notice when he broke the dishwasher. He vaguely felt the water seeping in to his shoes, but instead of addressing the issue, he just wandered outside. There was much thinking to be done.
Evandrus did his best thinking while searching the galaxy. The enormity of the universe really put things into perspective. With a clearer head, Evandrus convinced himself that Diarmuid would be perfectly suitable to help win the Fae war.
Unbeknownst to Evandrus, Diarmuid didn't even give his future much of a thought. He was more of a "here and now" type of kid. And, at the moment, Diarmuid was interested in playing with his toy bunny.
On the day of the twins' birthday, Illdrid met Percy in the park. He waited for his mother, icy ground hard beneath his feet. He blew out small tufts of frosty air as he examined his gloved hands. His wedding ring made a small bump on his ring finger and it brought a smile to his face. He still couldn't quite belief that he was married to his high school sweetheart.
Illdrid approached her son a bit timidly. Now that he was on his own, she didn't want to monopolize too much of his time. But she didn't know how much time she had left in life, and she had a granddaughter she wanted to meet. "How is married life treating you?" she asked, a bit unsure how to make conversation with her adult child. He was his own person now - no longer just a fragment of herself.

"Come on, mom. Why are you being so formal and weird? Married life is great. But I want to hear about what's going on at the house! No matter how happy I am with Percy, I'll always miss the chaos of home."
"Today is the twins' birthday. If you and Percy are free, maybe you could come?" Illdrid asked.

Dagon grinned. "Wouldn't miss it for the world! We'll bring Kylee."

Illdrid leaned in and hugged her son goodbye. Now that they were having company, she suddenly realized how much work she had to do to get the house ready.
After the matriarchs tidied up the house, Shae cooked dinner. Illdrid turned to Diarmuid, unable to contain her excitement at meeting her granddaughter. "We're going to have your cousin over for cake. Possibly your sister. But Dagon is bringing his new daughter, Kylee. So be nice to her."

Diarmuid looked at his aunt like she just lost her mind. When was he ever not nice?
Elisedd was the first to approach the new family member, when she walked in the door. He hadn't received the "nice" lecture from his aunt. "You're blue," he commented, his tone straightforward and unemotional.

Kylee quirked an eyebrow. "And you have wings."

Elisedd caught the sarcasm. "Touche."
Aoife also came to the party, happy to see her brothers becoming teens. Kari, unfortunately, had work again.

"So, when are you going to make like your cousin here and start giving me grandbabies?" Shae asked when she cornered the two older children in the living room.

"Mom!" Aoife groaned with a smile. "Kari and I are both very busy with our careers. That comes first."

Dagon leaned in close to his aunt. "Not to rub it in, and don't tell my mom yet, but Percy and I are in the process of adopting another child. If all goes well, we will have a son!"
Soon, it was cake time. The twins took turns blowing out the candles on the cake. Diarmuid was especially excited to become a teenager. He had invited his best friend, Beverly. But she had been unusually silent for the entire party. He hoped that she would pay more attention to him when he aged up.
But when the sparkled over took him, he noticed he wasn't even watching. She was just staring off into the corner, her eyes glazed over. Diarmuid frowned and exchanged a worried glance with Elisedd. What had happened to his childhood friend?
When the party ended, Diarmuid released his frustrations in the form of exercise. It soothed his frayed nerves. And it bulked his confidence for his first day of high school. He wasn't really worried about fitting in. But he wanted to make sure he was strong enough to fight off any bullies that might pick on his brother. Not that Elisedd needed much protection with his magical abilities, but to Diarmuid it was the principle. Bullying was unacceptable.
With all the kids out of the house the following day, the two older women decided to go to the gym. Shae was still strong from her military job, but Illdrid felt old and feeble. She wanted to extend her life, if possible. And she missed the adventures of her youth. A funny sort of rebelliousness encompassed her as she entered the gym. It was early. Shae had gone upstairs. And not another soul was around. 
Before she could think twice, Illdrid has disrobed completely and jumped into the water. It was freeing and exhilarating. Her heart pounded at the thought of someone catching her. She was apprehensive but also excited, fueled by the risks, the adrenaline. But it wasn't long before the door swung open.
Quickly, Illdrid tried to mold herself against the wall. But it was too late. She had been caught. And by somebody who looked awfully familiar. Vaguely, she recollected a night full of wine and sorrow and lovemaking. She turned to confront the man, but he just shot her a dirty look and walked up the stairs. Illdrid huffed. She would show him.
She tiptoed up behind him and got close enough to whisper in his ear. "It's been a long time," she said, her voice deep and breathy.

He spun around, a look of shock and horror on his face. "Do I know you?" he asked, feigning ignorance, but his eyes told the truth.

Illdrid smiled seductively, trying not to feel hurt. "We had some fun, back in our prime. You invited me to your winery. We drank and enjoyed ourselves. You don't remember?"
"I'm happily married," Grant hissed, his lips curled down in disgust.

Illdrid backed up  a step. "Oh! I'm so sorry. I just thought..."

"You thought wrong," Grant replied coldy and stalked off.
Meanwhile, Shae had a much better time coaching Percy's mom on the treadmill. She was so involved in her training, she didn't notice the crestfallen look on her sister's face when Illdrid said she'd see her back home.
Elisedd also had a rough day. The teens mocked his wings, calling him the demon dork. He tried not to let it bother him, but he didn't really want to end up an outcast like his cousin, Evandrus. Diarmuid sensed his brother's distress, and after homework, forced him to work out in front of the TV.

"Come on, El. You're doing the squat all wrong. You're going to hurt your knees," Diarmuid shouted, frustrated at his brother's lack of athleticism.

Elisedd just grunted in response. He wasn't sure how exercise was going to help, but he hoped that at least it would placate his brother.
When Shae returned home, she saw a grumpy Illdrid shuffling around chess pieces. Shae sat down and observed her sister for a moment, before joining the game. "Who was that you were talking to at the gym earlier?"

Illdrid frowned. "Just some guy I had a fling with. After Michael," she snorted. "So long ago...another lifetime."

Shae tilted her head, remembering back that far. "So, this guy...could he be the baby's father? Dagon's father?"

Illdrid shrugged. It could have been. It could have been Michael, too. She didn't know. She didn't really care.

"What about James?" Shae asked, trying to let the subject of the mystery man dissipate.

"What about him?" Illdrid retorted. "He's off fighting the war that we inadvertently started. He and Drest. And countless other. For all we know, they could all be dead."

Shae sighed, thinking fondly of the boys' father. She tried not the think about him much. Sometimes, it was nice to imagine that they had never been ejected from the Realm. Or that they had, and he came just to be with her. But reality...reality was some stupid war and a Realm she didn't even want to go back to.
Evandrus felt the heaviness in the house, and decided he didn't much feel like being there. His aunt and mom had each other, and so did the twins. His presence was not needed and barely noticed. He wandered through the snow, barely noticing the cold. He found himself at the school. It was as good a place as any to set up camp. And he wouldn't have far to travel. Evandrus nodded, pleased with his decision, and set to work building an igloo. Aoife, walking home from work, stumbled upon her cousin hard at work. "Hey, Ev. What are you doing?"

"Making an igloo," Evandrus responded. "I wouldn't oppose help. But I don't have time for idle chit chat."

Aoife smiled and began packing the snow into big, smooth blocks. "You certainly haven't changed much."
Evandrus didn't respond, and they finished the igloo in silence, each wrapped up in their own thoughts. When the last details were complete, Evandrus got on hands and knees and crawled inside.

For a moment, Aoife looked puzzled, before chuckling and turning away. "See ya later, then." There was no response.
Evandrus crawled out of his igloo the following morning right in the middle of the morning rush. The other kids looked at him strangely, but no one said a word. They were a bit afraid of his quirky aloofness.

Diarmuid looked over at his cousin and saw the girl behind him. Blue hair. Piercings.
He turned to his brother full of dread and concern. "That girl. Behind Ev. It's Beverly."

Elisedd looked at her, trying to remain expressionless. "What the hell happened to her?" he whispered.

Diarmuid frowned. "That's what I'd like to know..."

_ _ _ _ _ _

Ugh, finally. This chapter was really difficult to write. I had so many pictures, but nothing terribly exciting happened. Didn't help that I didn't have much time what with the holidays. Next chapter, Evandrus becomes a young adult. And then...Generation 2 can finally start taking over! In case no one noticed, I added a tab where you can view the Sims in each generation and download them once they become a YA. I also think I'm going to add a tab with each generation roll, in case anyone wants to peek!

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1.19 - One of the Family

"Percy," Dagon struggled to get the words out, his eyes welling with tears. "What happened to you? I've been worried sick...and now...this."

Percy tried at a chuckle, but it was hollow and void of all humor. "It's a long story. I guess I should start with the two obvious things. First, I had my birthday. Then I got punched in the face."

"Thanks, Perce. I could have guessed that. Let's hear the long story now."

"Well, the night of our double date, I slept in your rocking chair. My brother, Oliver, had been staying with me and my parents, and he's not the nicest guy to be around. Anyway, the next morning I finally got up the nerve to come out to my mom and dad. I told them everything. Unfortunately, Oliver was listening. He started ranting about how I was an abomination and popped me in the face. Funny thing is, I don't know where he's getting the idea that I'm the abomination. He's the creepy one.

I don't know how well you know your next door neighbor, Lydia, but Oliver is married to her. They have a kid together. Know who else Oliver has a kid with? Lydia's daughter, Bianca. He knocked her up when she was just a teenager. When they broke up, he went after Bianca's mom. The whole thing is sick." 
Dagon threw his arms around Percy's waist and nuzzled into his neck. "I'm just glad you're okay. But how do we know this is over? What if Oliver attacks again."

"I don't think we have anything to worry about. My parents, they were really accepting of me. My dad's an old man now, but he threw Oliver out of the house and told him if he ever so much as looked at me the wrong way that he "knows people" who wouldn't be afraid to get rid of Oliver. I don't know what he meant by that, but Oliver seemed to believe it."

"Stay here with us, Perce. I want to make sure you're safe," Dagon said, nibbling his lower lip.

"Only if your mom and aunt are okay with it. I don't want to impose," Percy replied, sensing that any arguments from him would only hurt Dagon's feelings.
"Tell me who did this, and I'll kill them," Aoife growled, her yellow eyes narrowed.

"No worries, cuz. He's here and safe now. Can't have you getting in trouble," Dagon replied. This whole situation was making him anxious. What if Oliver wasn't the only one in town who didn't approve of their lifestyle? Would they all be in constant danger?

"Damn right he's safe now. I will annihilate anyone who tries to hurt either of you," Aoife replied, not quite ready to give up on getting Percy to name names. 
But Percy was too busy being accosted by Shae's kindness. "Oh, honey. I can't believe your own brother would do this to you. Don't worry. Officially or not, you're part of the family now."

Percy smiled. It was nice just being accepted. He never had to pretend with the Maesson family. They just opened their arms and enveloped him into the clan.
And to demonstrate just how close he'd become to the family, Percy was right there blowing into his noisemaker that evening when Shae celebrated her adventure into elderhood. She aged much more gracefully than her sister, happy with all of the little mishaps life had thrown her way.
When the festivities were over, Percy curled up into a ball on the loveseat. It wasn't the most physically comfortable place to sleep, but Percy was just relieved that in this house, he was safe. The wounds would heal. And he would have happiness.
Fog crept in the following morning with the sunrises. That evening, Dagon would finally become a young adult. But the day also happened to be Spooky Day. So the family decided to head on down to the fairgrounds to celebrate the holiday. Percy had work, so Dagon ventured into the haunted house. Alone.
The three other boys were much more interested in bobbing for apples than encountering all of the spooky twists and turns in the haunted house. Elisedd demonstrated an unexpected competitive streak. But Diarmuid emerged the victor.
The ladies engaged in their own competition - eating pies. Aoife thought her feral nature gave her an edge, but Illdrid scarfed down her pie like it was the first time she'd ever tasted food. Unfortunately, Shae couldn't keep anything down. As she ran to the bathroom, all she could think was that she was getting too old for this ish.
After purchasing a celebratory cider to commemorate his apple bobbing victory, Diarmuid decided to wander around the grounds. He stumbled upon an old scarecrow. Its pumpkin eyes stared blankly into the distance. Diarmuid shuddered and muttered, "I've got my eye on you, creepy crowman." Luckily, he didn't have to watch the scarecrow for too long. As the sun set, the family packed up and went home to celebrate Dagon's birthday with a costume party.
The decorations were finished and costumes donned by the time the first guest arrived. Evandrus, wearing a cowplant costume, surveyed all of the guests, already regretting his decision to emerge from his bedroom. He tried to remember that this was a special occasion for his brother and he should just suck it up, but it was hard being surrounded by all these strangers.
Dagon, on the other hand, was having a blast. He dressed up in a cowboy costume. Percy, fresh off his shift at work, had decided to wear a military uniform. "Bring up any memories?" Dagon asked as he shook his body in rhythm to the music.

Percy laughed. "Yea. The second I saw you, I knew I couldn't keep up my charade with Kari anymore. I don't know if I'd call that moment "love," but it was certainly something at first sight!"
Evandrus tried not to gag at the conversation he was overhearing. He didn't understand the whole romance nonsense. He hoped he would never sound so pitiful when talking to another person. Not that he talked to other people all that often...
Evandrus' musings were cut short when Dagon was called to the cake. He took a deep breath, made his wish, and succumbed to the sensation of the sparklies. The moment he became a young adult, Dagon grabbed Percy by the hand and dragged him into his bedroom.
"Percy, I never thought I'd feel this way about anyone. Or that they'd feel the same way about me. I was the weird artsy goofball who wouldn't eat the cafeteria food because it's probably laced with dangerous chemicals. But when I'm with you, I don't feel like some weirdo. I feel extraordinary." 
Dagon dropped to one knee and pulled out a tiny black box. "I want to feel extraordinary every day of my life, and I'll only ever feel that way when I'm with you. Marry me?"

Percy's hands flew to his mouth, complete surprise overtaking his body. It only took a second for the surprise to transition into pure joy. "Of course! As soon as possible!" Percy could barely contain his excitement. He flew back into the kitchen to announce their engagement to anyone who would listen.
Dagon led Aoife outside to the fire pit. "I'm sure you heard the exciting news from Percy's rambunctious shouting. But I just wanted to come out and spend time with you. I won't be around much longer ..."

"Dag, it's okay. You're not dying or anything. You're just getting married. To the man you love. Besides, tomorrow is my birthday. Kari and I have already discussed that I'm going to move in with her. She sends her birthday wishes, by the way. She had work tonight and couldn't make it. Anyway, my point is we're both going to be moving out and moving on with our lives. It's what happens when you grow up. But don't worry. You'll always be my cousin. We'll have plenty more double dates to go on together!" 

Dagon grinned. "Yeah. We're going to have great lives."
While Dagon talked with Aoife, Percy read Elisedd to sleep, all the while daydreaming about all of the kids he hoped to raise some day soon.


Aaannnd the kids are finally growing up and moving out! Phew. Also, Diarmuid really stood there and stared at the snowman while drinking his hot cider for...I don't know, at LEAST one whole Sim hour. I'd go to check on everyone else, and when I'd come back to him, he'd still be there just staring at it. It was...creepy.

I've added a tab to the main page where you can download all of the young adult versions of the Maesson family Sims. So far, Illdrid, Shae, Dagon, and Aoife are up there. So there's a bit of a spoiler about what Aoife will look like when she ages up next chapter!