Thursday, September 27, 2012

1.5 - A Wolf in Our Midst

Illdrid knew, intuitively, the following morning that she was carrying a child. She hoped that it was James’ child. It seemed a bit soon for it to be his, but she didn’t really understand how this whole pregnancy thing worked. Especially where vampires were concerned. She had lived in a different realm for so long, a realm where pregnancy was not discussed. She knew that only certain women were given the position of “Breeder.” They were responsible for birthing and raising young fae.  Her mother had been one. But she never learned more than that. She and Shae had been expelled before they received their assignments, before they could even learn what the various assignments meant.

Instead of dwelling on the potential father, Illdrid decided she’d share the good news with her sister. Maybe their plan was coming to fruition sooner than they thought. She traipsed into Shae’s bedroom chanting, “We’re gonna have a baby! We’re gonna have a baby!” Shae squealed in delight and clasped Illdrid’s hands, pulling her on the bed.

They lay together in silent contentment for a few moments, before Shae turned to her sister. “Oh, Illie. I can’t wait to go home. To show all our peers that they were wrong about us.”
Illdrid frowned, “But Shae, they weren’t wrong about us.”

“Well no, not really. But they were so mean. They didn’t have to be so mean. And you were always the strong one. It was like their little barbs didn’t even affect you. You just kept going on with your life like nothing was wrong.”

Illdrid giggled. “Shae, I wasn’t strong. I just didn’t really notice what they had to say about us. I just figured if they wanted to be friends, they would. If they didn’t want to, they wouldn’t. Childhood friendships don’t matter once you’re given your assignment. And we didn’t even get to that point! Honestly, if it was so horrible, I don’t know why you want to return so badly.”

Shae looked shocked at her sister’s reply. “Don’t you remember what it was like there? Everything so green and full of life. Heirlefr and Brynhildr constantly playing tricks. Remember the time they convinced mama that the tree sprites had kidnapped them. She was so angry! I miss our siblings. I miss mama.”

Illdrid hugged her sister. “I know, sweet one. But mama is no longer in a living realm. Going home will not bring her back.”

Tears sprung to Shae’s eyes. “Why didn’t she mask us, like she did papa? He was able to live among the fae, and they all thought he was one of them. If she had just disguised us, we would be home and she and papa would still be alive.”

“Her power was not strong enough. I’m sure she hoped that we would develop our powers as we aged, but it seems we were much too human for that. I don’t think we would fit in there, any more than we do here. But for you, I will keep trying.”

“Oh sister, I do adore you. I’d never be able to survive this horrid place without you.”

Illdrid grinned and kissed her sister’s forehead. “Now off to work with you. I’m going to return to 
 bed. This baby is using up more of my energy than I’d like to admit.”

Usually her job in the military was just a long, grueling affair that Shae regretted ever signing up for. But today, today something was different. She had a new co-worker. His name was Derek. He was tall, handsome, and apparently, he really liked music. Shae also sensed there was something about him that wasn’t quite human. She felt a spark of electric energy when she was in his presence and knew she just had to take the initiative. He immediately agreed to a date, and the two met up at The Chalk and Gown, the local dive bar.

“So, what brought you to these parts?” Shae asked while the bartender, dressed as a witch, mixed them up a volatile concoction.

Derek grinned as he was handed his flaming drink. “It was just time for a change.” His answer was mysterious, but Shae didn’t press any further. It was none of her business why he was there. “What about you?”

Shae smiled mysteriously. “Oh, you know. Just about the same – time for a change and all that.” Derek barked with laughter and gulped down the rest of his drink. He sauntered over to the shuffleboard table and motioned for Shae to join him.

Even though she had never played before, she discovered that she was rather good at it. Well, either that, or Derek was letting her win. But somehow she felt that his pouting and posturing wasn’t all pretend. “Man! How could get that score?” he grumbled as he walked away from the table.

Shae followed him, feeling a little bit tipsy and adventurous from her drink. “Don’t I get a reward for besting you?” she asked, her voice low and husky. She brought a hand up to stroke his face. Something dark and dangerous flashed in his eyes as he drew her closer.

“Come, love. Let us rent a room. I will give you the prize you request,” Derek's voice was a sultry hum in her ear. Shae knew getting involved with a coworker was a bad idea, but it was a little bit late for those thoughts.So she allowed him to purchase a room for the evening, and she crawled onto the bed.

It was her first time. Her kisses were a bit clumsy, but, they dove beneath the covers and sent the bed a-rocking. When they finished, they held each other, and he lightly caressed her hand. "Short story is, I inherited."

Shae looked down at him, confused at his sudden outburst before remembering his mysterious answer at the bar. "Okay. Why did you feel like you had to keep that a secret?"

“Well  I guess that’s where the long story comes in. I received a letter from a lawyer indicating that I had inherited a property here from a great uncle. I was, apparently, his only living relative. I wasn’t particularly close with my family, so I wasn’t surprised that I had a great uncle I didn’t know about. But I was content where I was. I had no plans to move. So I turned down the house, told the lawyer the state could have it.

But that’s when the weird stuff started happening. First, I was jailed for a crime I didn’t commit – a robbery. In retrospect, I’m not sure there was even a crime to begin with. But they kept me in jail for a month, before releasing me with no explanation. By that time, I had lost my job and my home was repossessed. I had no choice but to get in contact with the lawyer to see if I could get my uncle’s house back. The lawyer informed me that it was still mine and he was exceedingly pleased that I had decided to take it. It was all very strange.

So when I got here, I decided to join the military in the hopes of getting to the bottom of the mysteries here and in Moonlight Falls and to figure out how the towns relate. And now…here I am…with you. I didn’t know, at first, if I could trust you. I guess I still don’t know. You’re just so sweet and soft and lovely…”

Shae nuzzled against him and sighed into his arms. She felt honored that he had shared so much with her. They barely knew each other, but she felt a bond forming. “I will share a secret with you,” she said, “but you probably won’t believe me.”  Derek tensed in her arms and grew alert. Shae giggled.

“Don’t worry. It’s nothing sinister. And certainly nothing to do with your story.
I have a sister. I hope you’ll meet her some day. We were banished from the Realm of the Fae for not being fairy enough. We had a human father,” Shae said and went on to relay the entire story, all the way up to her sister’s recent pregnancy announcement.

Derek raised his eyebrows, “Oh. She’s already pregnant?”

Shae narrowed her eyes and replied, “Yes. Do you have a problem with it?”

Derek shrugged. “No, no problem. I just don’t want you rushing off and deserting me here.” He pulled her closer and kissed away any of her worries. They fell asleep in each others' arms.

The next morning, Derek pulled out his cell phone while Shae got ready for work in the bathroom. He dialed a number, glancing up every few seconds to make sure Shae hadn’t returned. “I’ve infiltrated the pair. The dark haired one is already pregnant. The child is likely a human.”

A female cackled in reply. “Good, good. Don’t let them out of your sight.”

“I know my mission,” Derek snarled into the phone before hanging up. Shae returned to the room and saw the dark look on Derek’s face.

“Is everything okay?” she asked, worrying that maybe he was going to humiliate her like Michael did to Illdrid.

The dark cloud passed over Derek’s features and he looked up with a smile. “Yes, darling. Just some complications with the lawyer I told you about. Let’s go to work, and I’ll sort it out later.”

DUN DUN DUN!! Suspense! Will the shenanigans never end for these ladies? Anyway, the lovely Derek was not created by me, but he can be found Here!.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1.4 - A Man Without a Heartbeat

The ringing phone woke her in the early morning hours. It was still dark outside and she struggled to open her eyes. “Hello,” she said groggily, trying to rub the sleep from her eyes.
There was a clearing throat on the other line before a shaky male voice responded, “Uh, yea. I, ah, saw your ad in this morning’s paper. And, well, I was hoping to avail you of your services.”

“Services?” Illdrid asked, briefly confused. “Oh right, that.” She blushed, thankful her client couldn’t see her.

“Yes, but see, the problem is, I don’t really get out often. I was hoping you could maybe…come here.”

Too tired to consider the possible danger in such a request, Illdrid gathered his information and assured him she would be there at their agreed upon time.

He let her in, but before they even went through introductions, she excused herself to the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror, and felt a moment of shame. She gulped and put on a face of determination.  “You can do this, Illie. Don’t chicken out now. Shae is counting on you,” she whispered to the pale face in the mirror. She took a deep breath and made her way back to the parlor.

She smiled shyly at the man sitting awkwardly on the couch. “Sorry about that,” she said. “I’m Illdrid, and I presume you are James?”

The man on the couch nodded and stood up. She approached him slowly and noticed that he had an unusual blue tint to the skin, almost as if no blood coursed underneath it.

She was unsure of herself; he was her first client, after all. She inched forward, keeping her arms stiff and wooden at her sides. Her lips were almost upon his when he burst out laughing. Shocked, she jumped back, unsure of whether she should laugh or cry. A small smile touched her lips.

“You seem really tense. Here let me relax you. I didn’t realize how uncomfortable this might be for you!” he said. He spun her around and began massaging her shoulders. “So, as you know, I’m James. I’m kind of new to this town and this whole lifestyle, really. I can’t go out during the day; I’m too nervous to go out at night. I don’t want people to think I’m a monster, you know. I still have urges like any ordinary man. I just don’t want to risk what might happen with a nice girl. Not to say you’re NOT a nice girl. I just thought I might try my luck out on a professional first and hope for the best.”

Illdrid felt all the tension melt away. She had no idea what he was babbling about, but his hands on her shoulders felt nice. Really nice. A little cold, though. He probably just had poor circulation. She hoped that didn’t interfere when things became more intimate. She felt her face flush just as he turned her around again. Looking into his eyes, she just felt this…magnetic attraction. She felt hypnotized; she couldn’t tear her eyes away as he leaned in to kiss her.

He took her hand and brought her into his bedroom. It was sparsely decorated, but she barely even noticed as he gently guided her to his bed. His lips felt like ice on her skin. And his teeth were so sharp, they kept scratching against her lips. There were alarms going off in her mind, but she barely noticed. Thinking had become too difficult.

It wasn’t until after their passion had been spent that she started putting the pieces together. She no longer felt spellbound. In fact, she felt kind of scared. She looked at the man lying peacefully beside her. He was practically translucent. Her heart pounded as panic set in. Before she could think better of it, the words started tumbling out of her mouth. “James, are you a vampire.”

He burst into laughter and smacked her with a pillow. “Of course, I’m a vampire. That’s what I was trying to explain to you. About how I still have needs and needed to test them out on someone to make sure my…bloodthirsty side didn’t take over. I have to tell you. It was a smashing success.”
Illdrid looked appalled at first. And then grinned. It was really her own fault for not listening to him. But he didn’t have to look so smug about it. She grabbed her own pillow and smacked him back. He jumped from the bed, pillow still in hand.

“Well then, my lady. If you think you're so tough, why don’t you come on over here and fight me like a real man!” Illdrid grabbed her pillow and held it up against her like a shield. Mirth bubbled up inside her. James was right. Her first assignment had been a smashing success. Maybe she’d even get lucky and start growing his seed inside her, if vampires could do such a thing. If a baby were born, it would have to have some sort of powers! And then they could trick the Council into letting them come home. If only. If only…

So Illdrid has finally started her career, *wink wink, nudge nudge, if you can call it that.  I downloaded some Sims from other people's Legacy blogs to populate my little town, and James is actually James Weaver from the Sari Random Legacy. I just hope Cece doesn't mind that I stole her Sim and turned him into a vampire!